assssss and thrust

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baby hae’s awkward sexy dance

Heechul wanted to try touching the snake and the snake wanted to try touching Heechul

@AllRiseSilver: Is there a way to cure a cold sore in one try? Not a common method like albothyl, but a new method you’ve tried yourself!!!!!! (c)

It’s very touching to read the member’s tweets about Shindong working hard and sacrificing his sleep for the group. I mean, the guy is basically doing what an entire team of stage professionals are supposed to be doing, he’s directing every aspect of this upcoming super show and I respect him greatly for that. When people think I Shindong they’re always reminded of his past mistakes and they fail to see the good things about him ! His dedication to the group and his talent in multiple aspects of entertainment, his amazing rapping, choreographing and dancing skills are never truly appreciated ! The past is the past and Shindong has learned his lesson so it’s time for the haters to move on as well and leave him alone. He’s an important part of SJ and will be very missed when he leaves for the military.
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